The Suits

Like a tarot deck, the continent of Arcanya is made up of four suits, closely related to its regions.

- The Suit of Cups -
In the North, Almarque is the region of water and cold. It stretches to the high snow-capped peaks of the Razen Horn. In Almarque, emotions and feelings are sublimated.
This suit, generally called « of Cups » in the traditional tarot, is renamed here « of Rain».

- The Suit of Wands -
South, Belkor is the region of fire. Its hot weather and arid lands harden to the point of The Desolations, foreign lands where temperatures are no longer bearable by ordinary people. It is the region of passion and desire.
In Arcanya, this suit was renamed « of Ashes».

- The Suit of Swords -
In the west, we find the lands of Wulnor, the region of air and wind. It is the land of Intellect, Spirit, and Thought. It is also in these lands full of magic that the Great Winds_rage, legendary storms that shelter and protect the majestic floating city of Léobel.
This suit is renamed « of Wind » in this universe.

- The Suit of Pentacles -
To the east, we finally find the region of Komoran, the land of stones and rocks. It is the region of matter, body and concrete realities.
This suit has been renamed « of Stones».

These regions are all, in their own ways, hostile and difficult as they move away from each other. However, in the center of Arcanya there are vast temperate plains where life is good. The elements are in balance and life thrives in abundance. Here is the Imperial Palace of Asabel, the sparkling residence of the Emperor and Empress of Arcanya.

The four suits of the deck will illustrate scenes set in Arcanya. The suits all evolve from Asabel, in the center of the continent, towards the external borders of each region and their respective extreme climates.

The Champions or Heros, usually called court cards or Honors in a classic tarot deck, circulate throughout their region. However, they will usually be seen around the capital of their region (near the 10 on the map above).

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