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Debbie Creagh, from Bangkok (Thailand)

I’ve been a tarot reader professionally for 15 years and I haven’t been this excited about a deck ! I have been teaching psychic development and teach tarot/intuitive awareness working with cards.

When I saw those cards, a friend of mine said “this is your soul compass courses, Deb. I’ve never heard you get this excited about any tarot deck”.

They are beautiful, I mean every word. The emotion and expression makes it easy for any newbie to connect with the tarot in such a meaningful way.

I just wanna say THANK YOU for this beautiful deck and I HAVE to own a copy. I’ve been buying cards for my students for 8 or 9 years for courses I teach and out of the 200-300 decks out there only 4 are really worth looking at. No real depth for the rest. So this deck has struck a chord with me.

So I will support this project and bring more joy to clients I work with. Thank you !

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Annie Deydier, from Nîmes (France)

I am a magnetizer, Reiki practitioner and fortune teller, and I study hermetic and occult sciences.

I’ve always had a hard time connecting to the Tarot Energies (I’m more of a channellist). I’ve acquired a lot of different tarot cards that are all in my tarot-library, but I’m having trouble hanging on.

I came to you as if my soul had taken control of my ” I ” and asked for my acceptance into the Arcanya group. So I think, and I’m sure, that thanks to you and your team, I will finally enjoy and merge with a tarot deck : yours !

It can only be so. My higher ” I ” has chosen or selected you, I don’t know, but I let myself be guided by this consciousness. You are my catalyst for understanding tarot cards, for that I say thank you !

I can’t wait to see your creation finalized and materialized so that I can finally use it and enjoy it even more !

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Christelle C., from Metz (France)

Since a few years, I let myself be strongly guided by my intuitions and my inner guides, and they led me to your deck, maybe for its very deep “mystical” side.

I look at this tarot several times a day, and each time it carries me away, I shudder and my instinct tells me that I need it. He’s so emotional ! Of course, the Tarot de Marseille and its definitions are respectable, but you see, the Marseille has always seemed rather “dull” to me. In my opinion, a tarot or oracle must first and foremost “speak” to the one who looks at it, “tell” him something.

With the Arcanya Tarot, it is like a foresight that is revealed through every detail of each card. It offers deeper interpretations than the abyss.

You’re a magician, you have a gift that should never be given up. It would seem that the divine have found their earthly hand to convey messages to the souls here below.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us, most sincerely. Namaste.